Activities 2018
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General Objectives

Apart from the specific goals defined for each research group, CEGOT pursues a set of general objectives that are transversal to all the groups:
  1. To promote scientific knowledge, considering recent territorial dynamics and the potential of spatial planning in development;

  2. To stimulate cooperation at several levels, developing projects, producing articles/other publications, organizing advanced training workshops and scientific meetings:
    1. Intragroup, inside each research group, with active participation from all members in the group’s decisions and strategies;
    2. Intergroup, in the context of the research centre, under the coordination of the Executive Board;
    3. Extra-group, between CEGOT and researchers from other universities and research centres, both national and international, from Geography and other fields and specializations (Natural Sciences and Social Sciences).

  3. To reinforce and consolidate cooperation, especially within the existing network of universities from Portuguese-speaking countries, based on the Portugal-Brazil-African Countries affiliation, stressing historical ties and bonds of friendship, international cooperation and the discussion of analogies/differences in problems and territorial potentialities;

  4. To develop fundamental research and applied research in the domains elected within the centre and each research group, mainly through the participation of integrated members in national and international research projects, production of scientific literature and participation in academic meetings, as well as with its collaborative members, especially those developing research in the scope of their Doctoral courses;

  5. To present, discuss and disseminate the results of scientific research, namely through the recently launched online peer-reviewed journal  (GOT).

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