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The Centre of Studies on Geography and Spatial Planning (CEGOT) is a non-profit Research and Development Unit headquartered at the University of the Coordinator in office. It was officially recognized in December 2008, following a multiyear funding competition for R&D Units sponsored by the Foundation for Science and Technology.

It consists of researchers from the Universities of Coimbra, Porto and Minho who share the common objective of promoting research in Geography and Spatial Planning. It is intended to accommodate lecturers, researchers and graduate students who identify with the scientific objectives of CEGOT and wish to participate in its activities.

The activity and structure of CEGOT are governed by these Internal Regulations.

Article 1

Location and Infrastructures

1 - By integrating researchers from the Universities of Coimbra, Porto and Minho, CEGOT makes use of the facilities of the three universities’ Departments of Geography, with the headquarters located at any of the three universities, depending on the Scientific Coordinator in office.
2 - All activities are conducted in their own rooms, ascribed to the Departments of Geography of the member Universities and will benefit from the library collections, laboratories and computer equipment assigned to the Departments of Geography.

Article 2


The general objectives of CEGOT are to:
1 - Produce and promote knowledge, projects of fundamental and applied research in Geography, Spatial Planning and related interdisciplinary areas, as well as other activities for the community.
2 – Publicize and disseminate the results of research and development.
3 – Provide human and material resources to support researchers and research projects.
4 – Promote cooperation with other national and international research units.
5 – Promote and support the participation of its members in scientific events.

Article 3


1 - The members of CEGOT are all those who conduct research activities at the Centre, in the context of its actions, namely lecturers from the Departments of Geography of the Universities of Coimbra, Porto and Minho.
2 - Members of CEGOT may also be researchers in geography and related sciences who express this desire, although they are not members of the departments mentioned above.
3 - Other researchers or students are collaborators of CEGOT, as long as they are integrated in research projects coordinated by the Centre, for the duration of these projects.

Article 4

Rights and Duties of members

1 - The members of the Centre have the right to participate in all its scientific and cultural activities, to use all its resources and facilities for research activities and to participate, through the Assembly of CEGOT, in decisions on the scientific procedures and activities to be undertaken within its framework.
2 - The members have the duty to participate in the Centre’s scientific and associative life and to make explicit reference to CEGOT in all scientific and academic activities it directly supports or sponsors, as well as to inform the coordination of the results.
3 - The CEGOT members who intend to submit fundamental research projects to the evaluation and approval of external agencies are required to inform the Executive Board. After the period provided for project implementation, the coordinating investigator will have to submit a scientific report.
4 - Applied research projects shall be approved by the Executive Board of CEGOT, from which henceforth the coordinating investigator is responsible for the project implementation and its financial and scientific management. A copy of all published materials, as well as final reports, shall be provided to the CEGOT Board.

Article 5

Management Bodies

1 - The Centre’s management bodies are the Coordinator, the Executive Board, the Scientific Board and the Assembly.
2 - The mandates of the management bodies are triennial.

Article 6


1 - The Coordinator shall:
      a.    Chair the Executive Board, the Scientific Board and the Assembly of the Centre;
      b.    Assume responsibility for the overall management of resources;
      c.    Represent CEGOT before FCT and other national and international entities and institutions.
      d.    Implement and follow up on the decisions of the Executive Board and the guidelines established by the Scientific Board and the Permanent Counselling Commission.

2 - The Coordinator may delegate functions on the members of the Executive Board and be represented by one such member, who for that purpose shall be appointed as vice-president.
3 - The Coordinator is elected by all members of CEGOT, by secret ballot among all doctoral members..

Article 7

Executive Board

1 - Executive Board is composed of:
     a.    Coordinator;
     b.    Coordinators of the Research Groups;
     c.    Two members from universities other than the Coordinating University.
2 - The Executive Board shall:
     a.    Prepare an activities plan, the annual activity report and the budget proposal of CEGOT;
     b.    Coordinate and disseminate information on the research projects presented by its members;
     c.    Approve the integration of applied research projects in CEGOT, as well as other community outreach activities;
     d.    Encourage the development of national or international research projects;
     e.    Allocate human and material resources to projects according to the Centre’s activities plan and budget;
     f.    Ensure CEGOT’s administrative operation;
     g.    Ensure compliance with CEGOT’s general objectives.

Article 8

Scientific Board

1 - The Scientific Board is composed of all of the Centre’s researchers holding a PhD.
2 - The Scientific Board shall define the scientific, budgetary and editorial policy of the Centre. It shall also decide on the acceptance of new members, assess the annual activities plan, report and accounts, and comment on issues raised by the other management bodies.
3 - The Scientific Board also approves the centre’s research groups and elect their coordinators.

Article 9


1 - The Assembly is composed of all the researchers and collaborators of CEGOT.
2 - The Assembly is responsible for the election of the Coordinator and of the members of the Executive Board. It is also responsible for the dismissal of these bodies, by a majority of two thirds.
3 - It is responsible for approving the activities plan, the annual report and the financial reports submitted by the Executive Board and for taking voice on issues raised by the other management bodies.
4 - It is also responsible for the approval, by simple majority, of the Regulations of CEGOT.

Article 10

Permanent Counseling Commission

1 - A Permanent Counselling Commission is established within CEGOT, composed of researchers of recognized scientific merit.
2 - The Permanent Counselling Commission is responsible for advising on the Centre’s Activities Plans and Reports, as well as on all matters that the Executive Board intends should be submitted to its consideration.

Article 11


1 - For the development of its activities, and notwithstanding support from other entities, CEGOT members and its agencies have at their disposal the resources to be provided by the respective universities, namely spaces for research and meetings.
2 - The material and financial resources of the Centre are the equipment that is assigned to each of the universities, the budget of the Foundation for Science and Technology and of the researchers’ universities, as well as others that may be collected through proper activities.
3 - In addition to the funds necessary for its operation, CEGOT shall distribute the funds to the Research Groups and Universities, in compliance with the rules of proportionality applied by the FCT.

Article 12

Final Disposition

Any situation not considered in these Regulations shall be submitted to the Scientific Board of CEGOT for deliberation and is governed by general law in force.

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