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Activities organized in 2011

  • International Seminar "Revisiting 25 years of history at the Marão Mountains: Memories and Challenges" (Amarante, 7th-8th January) - View Poster »
  • Geography and the others, or the others' Geography: Sea, Mobility and Well Being (Porto, 5th February) - View Poster »
  • 4rd Meeting of Young Researchers of U. Porto - IJUP2010 (Porto, 17th-18th February)
  • Geography and the others, or the others' Geography: Local Power, City and Show, Territorial Imaginary (Porto, 19th February) - View Poster »
  • Cycle of Conferences "Management Experiences" (Coimbra, March-May) - View Poster »
  • International Meeting of Fire Effects on Soil Properties (FESP III), 3rd edition (Guimarães, 15th -19th March) - View Poster »
  • Workshop "Emigration, departure territories and development strategies" (29th March) - View Poster »
  • Seminar "Landscapes, Natural Hazards and Environmental Education in Portugal and Cape Verde" (Coimbra, 13th April) - View Poster »
  • Field trip "Human Occupation and Geomorphology in the Quaternary of the Lower Mondego" (Coimbra, 30th April)
  • Lectures DCT 2011 - Geomorphology and coastal erosion on the coast between Foz do Rio Ave and S. Pedro de Maceda (Guimarães, April-June) - View Poster »
  • INVTUR Congress (Aveiro, 16th-19th May)
  • VII Forum Healthy Seixal (Seixal, 20th May)
  • Landscape Meeting (Braga, 27th May)
  • II International Congress on Cities, Cultures and Sociability's (Porto, 3rd-4th June)
  • I Cycle of Knowledge and Skills of the 'Vale do Ovil' (Baião, 6th-17th June)
  • 1st Conference of the Portuguese Urban Morphology Network: Urban Morphology in Portugal: approaches and perspectives (Porto, 8th June)
  • International Seminar "Promote sustained resilience to natural hazards The imperative to change the paradigm" (Ponte da Barca, 9th June)
  • V National Congress of Elderly (Lisboa, 15th-16th June)
  • I Symposium if Research in Geography: University of Minho-University of São Paulo (Guimarães, 20th-21th June) - View Poster »
  • Territories: perceptions and social representations (Porto, 6th-7th July)
  • New Municipal Plans: new challenges to spatial planning (Porto, 8th July)
  • International Congress - Tourism, Leisure and Culture. Destinations, Sustainability and Competitiveness (Coimbra, 26th-28th September) - View Poster »
  • Congress of Semiotics of Space (Lisboa, 26th-28th September)
  • 7th Virtual Cities and Territories (Lisboa, 11th-13th October)
  • Anti-sismic reconstruction (Sesimbra, 12th October)
  • Fernão Mendes Pinto and the projection of Portugal in the world (Braga, 21st October)
  • VIII Portuguese Geography Congress (Lisboa, 26th-29th October) /li>
  • Urbanity and Urbanism: renovations, rehabilitation, revitalization and regeneration (Porto, 4th November) - View Poster »
  • Geography on Saturdays (Porto, 5th, 12th, 19th November) - View Poster »
  • VIII National Congress of Ecoturism (São Paulo, 8th-10th November)
  • IV Luso-Brazilian Symposium of Historical Cartography (Porto, 9th-12th November) - View Poster »
  • 1st Conference of Urban and Regional Planning & 11th APDR Workshop (Aveiro, 11th November)
  • URBANNET - Potential impact of climate change and weather extremes in outdoor thermal comfort in European cities” (Porto, 15th-16th November)
  • New Standard for Regional Historical Research (Porto, 19th November)
  • Centenary of the birth of Prof. Orlando Ribeiro: documentary, panel discussion and exposition (Porto, 25th November)
  • Workshop "From Educational Charters to Local Educational Project. New perspectives on the municipalization of education" (Figueira da Foz, 25th November)
  • IV Meeting of the Quaternary (1st International Conference) (Coimbra 9th-10th December) - View Poster »
  • I International Tourism Exhibition of Coimbra (Coimbra)
  • Seminar Gastronomy and Wines (Coimbra)
  • 3rd Workshop "Tourism, Leisure and Culture" (Coimbra)
  • Summer Course "Iberian Dialogues and Cooperation: lands, people and cultures"
  • Seminar "Territory and Development in Portugal and Spain"
  • II International Colloquium "Development and Sustainability: new approaches, old dilemmas" (Universidade Estadual do Maranhão, Brasil)
  • I Study Journeys on the major problems of European Space
  • Conference Cycle "The reole of local development associations on the promotion of rural territories"
  • 9th Exhibition of Science, Education and Innovation (Porto)
  • Seminar "The New Geographies of Portuguese Language Countries: interiority / insularity, depopulation / desertification: landscapes, natural hazards and environmental education in Portugal and Cape Vert"
  • Centenary of the birth of Orlando Ribeiro: Geographer and Photographer (Póvoa de Lanhoso)
  • National Simposium “Work capacity: evaluation and promotion” (Aveiro)
  • IV Study Journeys on the major problems of European space (Porto)

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