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Activities organized in 2012

  • Colloquium Emigration, departure territories and development : comparative perspectives between Portugal and Tunisia (Coimbra, 12th January) - View Poster »
  • Cycle debates: Polis, Plans and Projects (Porto, 13th, 20th, 27th January) - View Poster »
  • VII Coimbra’s Geography Colloquium (3rd/4th/11th February and 3rd March) - View Poster »
  • Geography and the others, or the others’ Geography (Porto, 6th February) - View Poster »
  • Geomorphology in the Lusophone Space (Porto, 15th February) - View Poster »
  • Brazilian Cities: Contradictions and Paradoxes (Porto, 22nd February) - View Poster »
  • Evaluation of public policies: Spatial Planning and Urbanism (Porto, 23rd-24th February) - View Poster »
  • APG Debates: the reform of local government in Portugal (Porto, 15th March) - View Poster »
  • Pleisto-Holocene sedimental registration in lagoon systems. Case studies between Nazareé and Sines (Porto, 20th March) - View Poster »
  • Urban Health (Salamanca, 17th April) - View Poster »
  • VII National Meeting of Risks and I ISCIA Forum (Aveiro, 19th-20th April) - View Poster »
  • What is Physical Geography (Vila do Conde, 9th Mau)
  • Central Porto: problems and opportunities (Porto, 28th May) - View Poster »
  • National Seminar of the project "We propose" (Lisbon, 4th June) - View Poster »
  • Rethinking the concept of invasive species (Porto, 5th June) - View Poster »
  • Cycle of Conferences "Vale do Douro: rural development and legal planning" (Porto, 13th June) - View Poster »
  • I Workshop Local Educational Projects (Figueira da Foz, 25th June) - View Poster »
  • II Workshop Local Educational Projects (Oliveira do Hospital, 26th June) - View Poster »
  • Interactions man / environment in the coastal zone: the myth of Sisyphus on the stone raft (Porto, 26th June) - View Poster »
  • Summer Course: Borders and territorial cohesion (Guarda, 4th-7th July) - View Poster »
  • Second World Congress of Environmental History (Guimarães, 7th-14th July) - View Poster »
  • Risk prevention and civil protection: problems and techniques of risk assessment in municipal emergency plans (Porto, 19th-20th July) - View Poster »
  • Demographic Paradigm in Change: A Theory of the Reproductive Revolution (Porto, 20th July) - View Poster »
  • III Local Educational Projects (Figueira da Foz, 10th September) - View Poster »
  • The spatial dimension of social processes in cities (Porto, 10th September) - View Poster »
  • IV Local Educational Projects (Oliveira do Hospital, 11th September) - View Poster »
  • Borders and Borderlands. Today’s Challenges and Tomorrow’s Prospects (Lisboa, 12th-15th September) - View Website »
  • Seminar: socioeconomic dynamics and territorial restructuring processes in Portugal and Brazil (Coimbra, 17th September) - View Website »
  • Absentee Ownership in the Fire-Prone Northern California Foothills (Porto, 25th September) - View Poster »
  • Project Portugal / Tunisia III Workshop (Coimbra, 1st October)
  • 4th Partners Meeting of the INQUIRE Project (Coimbra, 3rd-5th October) - View Website »
  • II International Congress on the Vinho Verde - history, economics, society and heritage (Porto, 10th-13th October) - View Website »
  • Geography at Saturdays - 5th Edition (Porto 27th October; 3rd e 10th November) - View Poster »
  • Cicle of Conferences Técnics and Methods of spatial analysis (Porto, 8th November) - Ver Cartaz »
  • VIII Journeys of Geography and Planning (Guimarães, 15th-16th November) - View Website »
  • Brazilian cities: dynamics, conflicts and policies (Porto, 21st November) - View Poster »
  • The Others Geography/Geography and the Others (Porto, 28th November) - View Poster »
  • Cycle of Conferences INOV_2012 (Porto, 5th, 10th and 14th December) - View Poster »

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