Water is a natural resource of great economic, environmental and social value, fundamental to the livelihood and welfare of the human being and to the Earth’s ecosystems. Its availability marks great contrasts in terms of space and time, thus resulting in problems related to its shortage or excess (for example with droughts and flooding), to which is associated a growing human consumption and of some sectors of activity, the degradation of its quality and the recent variations in its quantity imposed by climate changes.

Vital resource, essential to the production of goods and services, a wealth of biodiversity, source of inspiration and leisure, but also conflict, the management of superficial and underground water requires an holistic view that accommodates the human needs, economic development and the protection of natural ecosystems in order not to compromise their sustainability.

Water is regarded, in this century, as a strategic resource and its management corresponds to a challenge transversal to society, involving the scientific, political, corporate and territorial management community, but also each and every citizen, in their individual and/or collective actions. Thus, we invite to the participation in this congress of specialists, technicians, professors, students and other professionals whose interest focuses in the different domains of hydric resources management and planning.

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