Activities 2018
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Presentation and Objectives

The group's objectives are focused on boosting joint collaboration and discussion, and to promote the advancement of scientific research on urban questions with a special focus on competitiveness and well-being.

The group established as objectives and strategic directions to guide the research activity in the next years:

  • Intersect local and regional case studies with theoretical research and the consideration of European and global situations, for the identification of singularities and similarities in the processes of urban change;
  • Pay particular attention to recent spatial dynamics (and spatial planning) for the identification of trends and guiding actions of spatial transformation. This approach considers both time frames of different spaces, and the extensive historical periods that greatly contributed to the understanding of today’s urban actors, marks and processes;
  • To center the focus of scientific research on themes associated to the well-being of populations and to spatial competitiveness, and to the significant aspects related with these, from a perspective based on the study and/ or spatial planning;
  • Reinforce the practices of joint discussion and participation, especially between members of all three universities, considering themes related with innovation and competitiveness, sustainability, well-being, planning, governance and urban historical geography;
  • Reinforce and expand relations, including with elements from other groups, geographers or investigators from other fields of knowledge (architects, engineers, economists,…) on synergetic connections and relevant complementarities;
  • Strengthen and development of "pure" scientific research, associating it to career advancement of the university professor-researcher and student, or to existing or upcoming FCT projects;
  • Guide applied investigation towards sharing the knowledge and the service that the University and, in particular, research institutions should provide, incorporating the gains of the "on-site" learning to global scientific knowledge;
  • Articulate, always possible, scientific research with PhD programs, engaging PhD students.

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