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Group 3 - Cultural landscapes, tourism and development

Norberto Nuno Pinto dos Santos


Norberto Nuno Pinto dos Santos


With the way we use space and time playing a decisive role in the organization of our society and the importance of the tertiary sector positioning itself as indispensable in contemporary socio-economics, the morphology and functionality of the cultural landscape grows in meaning and provides the motivation for a careful research on inevitably cross issues, as is the prerogative of geography. The demand for territorial identities and the marketing of places gain special importance and intersect the value of development at different scales with the activities associated with leisure and tourism.

This multidimensionality is echoed in the study of territorial cohesion in rural and urban environments, from the coast to the interior, from the valley to the mountain, from national to international, from local to global. All these perspectives require depth knowledge of local and regional resources, on its tangible and intangible aspects, and provide special expression to researches on competitiveness, innovation, positioning, and destinations. All these processes involve multiple partners and dialogues that lead researchers of this group to seek the support of several institutions, always counting the specific stakeholders of each territory and always taking into account the physical space as a standard feature and support, an element of a structure where the activities of development agents take place.

The processes of monitoring and diagnosis are invariably present and are seen as fundamental methodology in scientific research of mobility, leisure activities and tourism, cultural landscapes and the processes of development.

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