Activities 2018
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Presentation and Objectives

Group 3 - Cultural landscapes, tourism and development, includes a diversified team of researchers. Its interests are focused in the national territory and more specifically in northern and central Portugal. The goals are directed towards the development and consolidation of fundamental and applied research in the domains of tourism, culture and their multistage relations with development.

Considering tourism as a strategic domain, to which natural and built heritage, material and immaterial culture and development are associated, this group privileges the study of two areas articulated among themselves, for which several objectives and research strategic guidelines have been established for the next years:

1 - Tourism

  1. Heritage(s), culture and innovation in the construction of touristic territories;
  2. Environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability in tourism;
  3. Tourism and culture as strategic factors to local/regional development.

2 - Space dynamics and development

  1. Leisure and promotion of well-being in populations;
  2. Social inequalities in low density territories;
  3. Cultural landscapes and development.

According to these strategic guidelines, a set of specific goals was established, namely:

  • To consolidate, through networks, the already began studies and the cooperation with the Countries of Official Portuguese Language in the domains of tourism, culture and leisure;
  • To continue the investigation and promotion of studies about the importance of cultural landscapes in the affirmation of particularities of territories and how it can be a path to development;
  • To continue the investigation to reflect about the importance of technological innovation in the affirmation of tourism, culture and cultural industries as vectors of sustainable development;
  • To promote the knowledge of the importance of leisure in the valuation of local and regional development.

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