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As Main Researcher of CEGOT i welcome you to the website of CEGOT (Centre of Studies on Geography and Spatial Planning).
CEGOT brings together the majority of researchers/teachers of Portuguese Geography based on the universities of the North and Center of Portugal (Coimbra, Porto and Minho), as well as a large number of researchers associated with research projects, completing PhD or post-doctoral projects in these universities. Thus, this R&D unit, approved for funding by the Science and Technology Foundation, corresponds to a large space of collaboration, in which individual interests of scientific research are articulated with collective goals, gathered around the geography, both in its theoretical approaches and in its articulation with the spatial planning. CEGOT research is structured around three main groups:
     Group 1 – Nature and environmental dynamics
     Group 2 – Cities, competitiveness and well-being
     Group 3 – Cultural landscapes, tourism and development

In addition to the research that is developed internally, CEGOT is open to cooperation with other scientific disciplines of the earth and social sciences, as well as with colleagues from all relevant institutions of geographical research in the country and from abroad, notably from Brazil and other Portuguese-speaking countries, also electing
This website intends to be an interactive platform for communication and exchange of information within CEGOT, and between CEGOT and all those who wish to do so, in particular those who have an interest in themes related to geography and spatial planning.
Here it is possible to obtain important and useful information about ongoing activities, including research projects and scientific events (CEGOT annual meeting and others) that we hope to be of your interest, as well as access (open and free) to the GOT journal, either to submit texts or to access numbers that are published semi-annually.

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